Canid camera: Students help map elusive species
The work of students and citizen scientists has been a considerable help in the hunt for the elusive swift fox. In order to meet the challenge of finding foxes, the Nebraska Canid Project includes a program that asks students and landowners to install trail cameras in areas were swift foxes might be.
CSC to benefit from Nebraska Environmental Trust grant
9/23/2015 A recent grant from the Nebraska Environmental Trust will support efforts to involve Chadron State College students in the study of Swift Fox distribution in western Nebraska.

Update: Swift Fox Study Underway in Western Nebraska
1/23/2015 NET news interviewed Lucia Corral about the swift fox project in Western Nebraska. Listen to the full story here, and check out the "Nebraska Stories" video here!

CSC students begin field study of swift fox
11/7/2013 Chadron State College, in collaboration with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, have begun an effort to document the current distribution and abundance of the swift fox.

Citizen Scientists Study Endangered Species In Nebraska
11/7/2013 In the wind-swept plains of western Nebraska, an endangered fox species could be in a battle for its very existence. Once their locations are confirmed, the next step in Lucia Corral’s five-year-study will be to trap swift foxes and attach radio collars to the animals. This will give Corral more data about where swift foxes travel and live.

Getting the Picture on Swift Fox
11/1/2013 This joint project by the Nebraska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit and the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission lead by Lucia Corral hopes to answer the question of why haven't swift foxes occupied areas of what seems to be suitable habitat across the state, especially in the Southwestern corner.


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